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We are immensely proud to be a non-tipping restaurant for the benefit of our patrons and employees. Since implementing this policy, we have noticed a trend – our customers either love it or hate it. So, we are here to explain why we are so proud.

Why non-tipping?

Traditionally, back of the house employees like dishwashers and cooks earn significantly less than their teammates working as servers in the front of house. This gap in compensation has widened significantly over the years because, by law, they are not part of the tip pool. You will notice the hospitality charge as a separate line item on all our checks. This charge goes to the house and divided amongst all employees, allowing everyone to now earn an excellent hourly wage, plus vacation pay, making them motivated to provide world class food and service.

What’s in it for you?

New customers or existing customers, big parties or small parties, young or old, male or female; every customer receives the same great service from all of our employees.

As in any business, there will be hiccups, and in ours we want to know about them right away. We cannot make adjustments on service and food without having the opportunity to hear about them, live and in person. If at any point, your experience does not fulfill your expectations, please ask to speak with a manager before you leave. Our best shot at fixing any problem is to attack it head on, right away. We welcome all feedback – both negative and positive. will soon allow the customer to quickly review his or her server, food, and overall experience. Simply type in Abrusci’s Fire & Wine, select your server by their name and picture, choose your desired review site (Yelp, Facebook, Google, Tripadvisor, etc.) and write your review.

Servers will be evaluated based on their in-store feedback and online performance.  

Did you know?

If you had excellent service and are adamant about tipping your server, we do allow cash tips but this cannot be done on a credit card.

Our staff is committed to providing an excellent experience to all our guests and we believe this model gives us an advantage in doing that. Make your next outing at Fire & Wine and come meet our staff – who are proud to do things just a little bit differently.